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Strategy mindset correctly anticipates future consequences and tendencies; recognizes strategic opportunities for change and creates competitive and innovative strategies.

A strategy mindset and approach to business is key to the well function of the different parts of a company.

Leaders need to know how to anticipate changing conditionsHowever, not all employees have a strategic mindset or understand strategy in the same way.

Diversity affects strategy mindset in the sense that a more diverse team with different backgrounds will have different points of view and solutions.

Inclusion will affect strategy mindset by allowing those different views and solutions to converge and be treated as equal options basing final decisions on the most positive outcome.

A strategy mindset will allow a better assessment of situations, a more inclusive sight of strategies and creative solutions for the future and better results.

When leaders are inclusiveStrategy mindset as a way to anticipate trends and consequences

Leaders need to know how to anticipate to changing conditions so they can stay in trend instead of following it and prepare for crisis or critical changes.

They also have to be strategic in the way they approach those changes and crisis.

Therefore, a strategy mindset is key in the correct development of a company.

Leaders should pay attention and discuss major trends. They should be able to prepare for environmental uncertainties.

A diverse team will allow to see different opportunities.When leaders are inclusive and understand strategy they want a broader perspective on things and understand that diverse views will take them to diverse opportunities and solutions.

A diverse team will help figure out different ways to changing conditions where they may have a different experience.

Strategy mindset to recognize opportunities

A diverse team will allow them to see different opportunities. Being able to see those opportunities, helps the leader and team to then create strategies. Therefore, a diverse and strategic mindset will allow the company to gear towards success.

A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has found that diversity increases the bottom line for companies.

The capacity to innovate is a competitive advantage that generates higher productivity marks and success.The study found that “increasing the diversity of leadership teams leads to more and better innovation and improved financial performance.”

This is because when designing a strategy, it is important to be able to see all different outcomes and opportunities within.

Those leadership teams with people who have diverse backgrounds and experiences will look at problems in a different way and be able to figure out different paths to success.

A company's ability to develop new products and services is dependent on the people behind it.This creates more opportunities.

A common mistake when analyzing who is a strategic person who looks for opportunities is confusing it with people who have ideas. Ideas are solutions to problems and although important, is not the same as the capacity to see and find opportunity.

There are those capable of seeing opportunity and gather around a team that helps them with the ideas.

At the same time, there are individuals who will be great at coming up with ideas but not so much at seeing the problem that needs to be fixed initially or the opportunity in a specific market.

Opportunities are circumstances or situations that can lead to a desirable end and require a more strategic and analytical mindset.

A person with a strategic mind will be able to create a strategy from the idea (solution) that came up as a possible action because of an identified opportunity. A strategic leader will also be aware of the pieces in the process that they’re good at and bring other minds to fill in those pieces where he needs support and other views.

Great People Inside has over 129 dimensions that the organizations can use to create and customize different assessmentsCreating competitive and innovative strategies with an inclusive mindset

The capacity to innovate is a competitive advantage that generates higher productivity marks and success.

To be innovative is seeing things from new angles, having broad perspectives, taking risks, being flexible and coming up with new ideas.

Promoting innovation in the workplace means encouraging employees to bring up their ideas and rewarding them for it.

Leaders with a diverse and innovative mindset understand the need to be inclusive and listen to other perspectives and thoughts.

The variety in the response allows an internal brainstorming that gives a broader perspective on a situation allowing to find more opportunities and solutions in a different and innovative way.

A company’s ability to develop new products and services is dependent on the people behind it. The more diverse and inclusive it is, the more opportunities and solutions it will find. And with the right strategic minds on it, the more chances of success.

How to identify how strategic and positive your team is?

Great People Inside has over 129 dimensions that the organizations can use to create and customize different assessments with the objective to focus on measuring and predicting behavioral categories in the workplace.

Strategy is one of 12 dimensions that were chosen as dimensions that closely matched Diversity and Inclusion culture by combating unconscious bias in the workplace and focusing on a strategic mindset as a way to create a diverse and collaborative workforce.

Our assessments are a scientific way to understand the qualities of your workforce and give you the opportunity to easily and successfully identify the characteristics and values within those dimensions that affect your workforce.

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