The Signature Program

Themes: Culture, Skills-Compatibility, Engagement, Retention


Audiences: Business Owners, Human Resources Professionals, Training & Development Professionals


Description: Signature 5-step process through the employee experience to explore and discover ‍‍‍the impact to engagement and retention since the day your candidate shifted from a regular observer to an excited and committed brand fan.


Outcomes: Inspire the audience to learn a new matchmaking approach to improving retention and engagement starting with focusing first on culture fit, and then on skills, experience and talent.

The V.I.P Day

Themes: Leadership VIP Day, Workshop to Create & Customized the Corporate Values & Competencies Assessment


Audiences: Company leadership team


Description: A 4-hrs in-house and hands-on workshop to play and work on the aspirational leadership profile model based on the company’s mission, vision, culture and strategic goals.


Outcomes: Inspire the leadership team into creating an energy-rich space for storming about their brand, organizational culture, values and mission and build their own corporate assessment.