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Well hello, friends. This is your host chef. Minerva.

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And welcome to another episode of overcoming the B.S. project recipes for the soul to help you turn that pain into purpose. And you know what I’m always looking for and searching for creative strategies and tools to help you do just that and I know that you might be asking yourself well where do I start in how do I do that then. I have great news for you, my friend because on today’s episode we’re going to be talking about how to embrace change and be courageous. And for that, I have a very special guest today.

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Her name is Magda Vargas Battle in Magda’s mission is to support Purpose-Driven Leaders employers and HR teams in igniting innovating and fostering joyful collaborative workplaces. My day is a very successful businesswoman. As a matter of fact. She’s an international speaker well known as the corporate culture matchmaker. Isn’t that exciting. And she’s also the founder of Magda Vargas  Enterprises and creator of the perfect fit every time.

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Welcome, Magda. Thank you so much for being here. How are you? I’m so excited. I’m super happy. Thank you very much for this invitation. Well, how can I describe my joy this morning to be part of your conversation? And I’m really your inspiration to other women like us.

[00:01:52.970] – Minerva Vazquez

Thank you. Thank you so much. Tell us a little bit more about yourself, Magda. How did you get here? How did you become a matchmaker a corporate matchmaker?

[00:02:04.520] – Magda Vargas

A little. So everything started as soon as I got out of my college degree I started working for a very well-known company. Kelly temporary services. So that was my first experience in the human resources field from there. It’s been on my God journey of knowledge transformation impacting so many people. So today I live in Miami. Born and raised for Rico. I’m a mother of two young girls. Well, actually almost young adults 24 and 17 and a wife. So super happy with where I am today.

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Know that it is awesome. Now tell me about this program.

[00:02:54.050] – Minerva Vazquez

The perfect fit every time. What is that? Tell me all about it.

[00:03:00.440] – Magda Vargas

So for the last 20 years within the HR community or let’s say the HR Industry I’ve been very focused on working with psychometric this assessment. A lot of different names. But in the end, it’s behavioral predicting behaviors in our employees or candidates. So during these 20 years, I’ve figured it out that bring that employee cycle. We can see a framework process on how we can engage. We can retain we can try the perfect fit in every station of that lifecycle of our talents. So the perfect fit every time is my signature system where I show my clients how doing five different stages they can use assessment to maximize the talents to discover new talents, new opportunities for helping them grow, collaborate and a half at the end company more engaged more profitable and a lot of happiness than productivity.

[00:04:18.470] – Minerva Vazquez

Wow. That’s awesome. Yeah. The name goes perfectly fine.

[00:04:26.060] – Magda Vargas

So that’s mine why. I’m sorry to interrupt. The thing is that’s why I call the corporate culture matchmaker because the idea is that we can match talent skills and values all the way from day one that they are welcome to our companies.

[00:04:44.120] – Minerva Vazquez

That’s awesome.

[00:04:45.830] – Minerva Vazquez

Okay, Magda that you know that it is my intention and it is my purpose to help our audience identify what are the blocks that are sabotaging them from manifesting their true greatness. That is absolutely my main focus here. In those three blocks that I normally focus on are the mental blocks those spiritual blocks and physical blocks. Now from these three blocks with which one do you identify the most.

[00:05:17.360] – Magda Vargas

OK, so I by definitely be metal blocks. I can say that. Back in 2010, my husband decided that he wanted to move from Puerto Rico to the United States. And for me and my family, it was an extremely exciting adventure change. We needed that at that moment as a family. So we embraced the opportunity of moving the thing is that although I prefer my luggage my furniture everything was packed. My mental state and my mindset were not. So we moved to a very cloudy cold state. And when I got there really I felt so alone and so sad I perceived that people weren’t open to having a conversation with me that I was invisible.

[00:06:22.700] – Magda Vargas

So for two years, I feel like Magda was not there my body was there my family was there but me as a human being my soul my identity was the laughing Puerto Rico. So yes 

[00:06:43.150] – Minerva Vazquez

it was a cultural shock for you. 

[00:06:46.910] – Magda Vargas

It was a cultural shock and I needed some preparation I needed to really understand and have some awareness that that change could be managed. And that’s where I really understood that the mind is so powerful and we can decide if we want to feel belonging to our place or if we want to just decide to see and wait and feel you know sad and alone.

[00:07:21.780] – Minerva Vazquez

Oh, I can relate to that. I remember when I was living in Puerto Rico as well you know that. And I needed to make a change. I knew it. I had that moment.

[00:07:32.200] – Minerva Vazquez

I mean it was like this idea that came between you know my two years, and I was like yes I need to move I need to get out. So it was something that I actually wanted. So, my husband, he’d he got a job here in Miami Florida. And you could think you know well from Puerto Rico to Miami there’s not much of a change because you know we still you know the tropics and you know you get the Hispanic culture here. But even though it was something that I wanted, and I was moving to a place which made me feel very comfortable with you to know about my culture.

[00:08:05.630] – Minerva Vazquez

Oh, my gosh, I was blocked at I. There was a mental block for me as well.

[00:08:13.730] – Minerva Vazquez

But tell me how did you overcome your mental block 

[00:08:18.090] – Magda Vargas

So first of all, it is you need to have a clarity moment. It could be, I may not. Aha moment or maybe to another people it could take weeks, months, years for me after two years one day I had a beautiful conversation with a friend from Puerto Rico, and she asked me what is stopping you for being who you are, and I was like Oh my God she’s so right. 

[00:08:55.800] – Minerva Vazquez


[00:08:57.170] – Magda Vargas

I’m behind this person. That is not really mean so. So for me, the first stage for opening up to a new experience and really getting rid of that pressure and that main thought block is to have that moment of clarity of whom you are.

[00:09:21.810] – Magda Vargas

It’s to connect again with your identity is to connect again with your inner self. It is to really be grateful for where you are and all the beautiful and awesome things that you can be signed and create. If you decide to have the mindset to the world so that question was a moment of truth.

[00:09:50.250] – Minerva Vazquez

Now can I ask you can you give us some insight on that aspect of identity?

[00:09:58.050] – Minerva Vazquez

Because I hear that it has become like a trendy word. You know how to find your identity your true self.

[00:10:07.680] – Minerva Vazquez

What does that mean to you and how did you find your true identity 

[00:10:12.210] – Magda Vargas

So everyone is unique so there’s no other identity like me or like you Minerva.

[00:10:21.200] – Magda Vargas

Everybody has their own combination. So for me, it’s three things first my set of values what it seemed for then what are my core values as an as a human being. Second my mission and third my purpose. So even though there are some similarities between mission and purpose when you really sit down and I mean you study what really means you can create because the thing is that I mean there are many people think that they need to wait for something come from being you know from the clouds from like one day you’re going to be shot and look 

[00:11:05.910] – Minerva Vazquez

Like a lightning bolt.

[00:11:07.660] – Magda Vargas

Yeah, something you know extraordinary and what I learned during after that question I started researching I start educating myself again. So everything in the past was not useful anymore I needed to reconnect with new information, new not new formation actually a new set of values in that new environment. What was important for me in that precise moment with my family with my job my business. So mission you can create you can sign you. It doesn’t have to be a long term mission you can decide this is going to be my mission how I’m going to serve why I want to serve what I want to do with my life why am I here.

[00:12:05.360] – Magda Vargas

It could be so many things we are different we are unique, so we can create a unique mission on purpose. 

[00:12:13.290] – Minerva Vazquez

Right. Right. And we all have a purpose. We all have a purpose.

[00:12:17.690] – Magda Vargas

Exactly. So our purpose is like long term. It’s the turnout. Question why I am here? And my mission for me. Though I’m gonna said alone, how I’m going to you know to leave it every day what is going to be my intention every day as soon as I open my eyes and I’m grateful for a new day.

[00:12:43.160] – Minerva Vazquez

Very nice thing. Thank you, Now you know that we want to focus today on how to embrace the change and be courageous.

[00:12:54.110] – Minerva Vazquez

You and I, we have let’s put it that way we have been blessed with the experience of embracing different changes in our lives and in your case. What kind of change. I mean I know that you already said that you’ve moved from Puerto Rico to here but the most meaningful change in your life. How did you embrace that change? How can we embrace our change in how can we be courageous about it.

[00:13:33.380] – Magda Vargas

First, It’s to acknowledge meaning by that there are two big forces in our life it could be fear or it could be love or its both so.

[00:13:49.290] – Magda Vargas

The first decision is how do you want to live.

[00:13:52.140] – Magda Vargas

Do you want to leave loving and being you know joyful or do you want to live by fear and fearful?

[00:14:02.250] – Magda Vargas

So for me to embrace change, first I needed to take make a decision. So I’m gonna be courageous and follow and decide to continue loving my before and say yes of life or am I going to be fearful and not being courageous to open to new experiences so that’s a baseline. It could be love or you could be fear.

[00:14:35.480] – Minerva Vazquez

You know what you’re saying that right now in the very first thing that came up to my mind is that I’m, I was facing this particular moment just like everybody else that they face you know of different you know challenging moments and this particular moment in my life I was like in between like do I do this or do I do that.

[00:14:59.650] – Minerva Vazquez

But he was one or the other period. There were only two decisions at that moment and I think that I was feeling exactly that one of them was based on fear and the other one was based out of love and it wasn’t until I saw my granddaughter for the first time then boom that that love that I felt immediately Oh a love that came from a baby because I mean when you see a baby for the first time what does that what does it happen at that moment.

[00:15:37.630] – Minerva Vazquez

I mean the baby. The baby is not loving you because you don’t love the baby and don’t know you. But then again how do you know if you love that baby if you have never seen that baby.

[00:15:47.290] – Minerva Vazquez

It is such an amazing kind of energy. Love is absolutely amazing pure energy right there. The good one of course and it wasn’t until I saw my granddaughter for the first time that I was like yes. Now I know what to do. It gave me strength and it gave me the courage to make the right decision in my life. Isn’t that amazing what a baby can do when love can do.

[00:16:20.530] – Magda Vargas

It’s pure love. And the thing is that will be just a beautiful example of loving another human being that you just know by a couple of minutes, so why sometimes we don’t love our self with the same strain and that same pure love that you were able to feel and to generate when you saw your first grandchild.

[00:16:51.250] – Minerva Vazquez

Isn’t that amazing. I’m telling you that the more I think about it is like wow that was a great aha moment in my life. So what. So we have we can choose.

[00:17:02.770] – Minerva Vazquez

We can make decisions out of fear or out of love. I already shared with the audience how I found my courage. But is there any other way that we can find courage. Another strategy that you can share with us.

[00:17:17.440] – Magda Vargas

Self-awareness. So as soon as we have this aha moment that consciousness that we want to change our route we want to transform what we are feeling for me my first step was to forgive myself out of love.

[00:17:40.000] – Magda Vargas

So if I love me I’m gonna forgive these two years that I was on another mental state that I was blocked on other limitations. This doesn’t matter. That’s in the past right.

[00:17:54.880] – Magda Vargas

So the second step I have to do a self-awareness recognition of who I am and what I want to sometimes do we as adults, and we are not used to be assessing or researching what are we capable of. We make a lot of decisions based on what other people perceive. Maybe our partner, our children, our colleagues, our boss.

[00:18:33.450] – Magda Vargas

So, so to stop and really get to know yourself before starting to make decisions based on that new knowledge. Makes this decision easier because then you are going to recognize that areas that you really want new habits new knowledge you want to activate that experience of doing something different right.

[00:19:05.090] – Magda Vargas

So. So first it’s the aha moment. OK, I’m ready to change from love. Meaning that we are gonna forgive ourselves for that time that we were not our self, second go and do inner research and inner analysis and inner assessment of our values. What is the lifestyle that we want to have from that day on. Who are the people that we want to have near us that we want them to influence us, and we want to influence them. So you see it’s a couple of differences in your environment.

[00:19:49.830] – Magda Vargas

It’s you. How for other people and how you’re gonna be treating or other people or attracting other kinds of people your lifetime. So it’s a holistic new view of who you are and who you want to be.

[00:20:07.720] – Minerva Vazquez

That is so true. It is all about that. It is all about that.

[00:20:12.040] – Minerva Vazquez

Now I know that we have to love our self first, and we have to identify the things that we want in life in our purpose. But how about if we don’t even know how to identify the talents or the things that we are good at how can we get to that point of identifying our unique talents 

[00:20:38.930] – Minerva Vazquez

So one of my best exercise and I love it because people really engage when I ask them to leave what were your 10 favorite things that you did when you were a child. So we go back. That’s mostly the only moment that I like during that process of transformation to go back because remember we are ready to forget ourselves. So now it’s more about clarity. It’s about really connecting what we do activities and people or service. What was it that excited you when you were 10 when you were that teenager. What was that like. Your dream of becoming an adult. So when you stop and you go back to those memories those emotions.

[00:21:41.330] – Magda Vargas

Minerva,  it’s magical. Immediately you can decide Oh my God I wanted to teach yes Oh my God. I wanted to I don’t know. I love flowers and I wanted to be a gardener. You know it’s kids thought that we can now as an adult decide how can we read the sign. Our adult life our own lifestyle based on those really pure connections to ourselves.

[00:22:16.310] – Minerva Vazquez

Oh, yeah I agree with you 100 percent on that one. I don’t know if you follow Dr. Bruce Lipton.

[00:22:23.400] – Minerva Vazquez

I love everything that he has written and all his research about that when you are a child from the time from the moment that you are in your mother’s womb till the moment that you turn six or seven I believe it is you come with that mind in I mean like ready to learn and ready to you know to become a person you know well you’re a person already but to become this unique amazing person let’s put it that way or adult in the future. Now the thing is that once that stage goes away whatever you learn during that stage is what you’re going to practice and you’re going to manifest in the future.

[00:23:19.680] – Minerva Vazquez

Now if whatever you learn was a bad thing then you’re going to practice the wrong thing. So I remember when I was a little girl I used to practice ballet and I always saw myself dancing. It’s not that I’m a dancer right now I just use it right now to that to release my stress because I was having so much fun when I was a child while I was dancing. That is a way for me to channel the stress. However, I remember that I used to play like I was a doctor and that is one of the things I’m not a doctor right.

[00:23:58.320] – Minerva Vazquez

I never became a doctor. I guess that is one of my first not just get.

[00:24:04.370] – Minerva Vazquez

But the thing is that right now what I’m doing through this podcast and what I’m doing through the services that I offer as a nutrition coach is that I bring to you the tools so you can heal your body heal your mind and heal your future and heal your relationships with everybody especially with yourself. So you know while I was in that transition to find what I wanted to do in the future I did that exercise without knowing that it was the right exercise. And then I saw myself what I was a child doing all these things you know healing you know what my cat killing my dog.

[00:24:54.200] – Magda Vargas

Exactly. And so you know we are here in this universe to be happy to have fun to enjoy life.

[00:25:08.630] – Magda Vargas

And we have the will to create what we want. So basically when we feel that we don’t know who we are that we feel lost we have mental blocks going back to that period where you didn’t have you didn’t ask anybody about what do you like. You’d be slighted by yours. OK, this is fun for me. I’m gonna do this. So connecting into that emotion and to that joy. Really.

[00:25:41.210] – Magda Vargas

What opens its clarity to embrace and to be vulnerable to change.

[00:25:52.320] – Minerva Vazquez


[00:25:52.800] – Magda Vargas

 I love that word because now we are in a conversation about well-being. It could be spiritual it could be mental wellness. Everything right now is connected to understand vulnerability and that it hurts. And that it, you feel fear when you decide to be vulnerable. But the rewards are in meeting you having the vulnerability to stand in a stage and maybe do your first public speaking takes courage. And as soon as you get down you feel completely different. You are so satisfied with yourself just for stepping up and moving forward and making that decision and just making that decision makes another spark in your life.

[00:26:58.620] – Magda Vargas

It’s fun.

[00:26:59.970] – Minerva Vazquez

Yes absolutely so. Talking about the decision I know that I have a lot of professional women in our audience.

[00:27:08.190] – Minerva Vazquez

And you had to make a tough decision or when you had to change careers.

[00:27:14.940] – Minerva Vazquez

Tell me about that decision what was the most difficult part for you to make that decision 

[00:27:25.290] – Magda Vargas

Women tend to feel that they need to do everything by them self that they are superwomen. And we usually don’t like to ask for help. So when you are transitioning in or for example from a job from corporate to be an entrepreneur or moving from one city to another from one country to another there the first year is that how I’m gonna do everything by myself. Right.

[00:27:59.210] – Magda Vargas

So my recommendation is again slow back you know to take it easy and ask your inner self for your best intuition and what is best for you. If that is something that you don’t feel comfortable because you don’t have maybe the practice of talking through yourself.

[00:28:29.020] – Magda Vargas

Actually, my recommendation is to journal when we write our fears.

[00:28:38.430] – Magda Vargas

When we ask our self, and then we write the questions are like they flow because we have all the answers that we need. The thing is that you’re not used to us to ask ourselves. Maybe in your audience, there are people that I can say or think like me I like to say I don’t ask God the universe you know. So yes we can do a lot of things by ourselves. But to really be more emotionally intelligent and make better decisions. It’s good to ask is good for a journal. And trust you’re into envisioning.

[00:29:26.100] – Minerva Vazquez

Absolutely. I love journaling. As a matter of fact, when I look back to everything that I have written I can see the progress in my life and I can see wow.

[00:29:39.210] – Minerva Vazquez

Although I am not where I want to be but I thank God that I am not where I used to be.

[00:29:45.870] – Minerva Vazquez

So it makes me very happy and it gives me even more courage to keep going. It’s amazing. I highly recommend journaling. It is a great exercise. Now, what are you focused on right now in your life and your career? Magda tells us.

[00:30:04.530] – Magda Vargas

So well. Right now I’m extremely I’m very happy with everything that is going on around me and my 2020 goals really to get to know more biz Anglo market to expand my services my speaking I want to inspire more women here. It could be let’s say Miami for a start but for me my mantra and the thing that really gets me on every day is that I want to inspire, ignite and impact one person a day. 

[00:30:47.700] – Minerva Vazquez


[00:30:48.250] – Magda Vargas

So yes my goals are to continue that that motivation that driver of service of changing, helping people to really transform where they are and where they want to be.

[00:31:09.230] – Magda Vargas

And just by trusting them self just by connecting to that identity we have right now a lot of resources and tools to really get people aware of their talent into what they are good at, but there is homework, that you need to go by yourself. And I think that’s the most difficult part because it’s easier to hear another person say you can do this. You are good. But to be marvel is to really look inside and decide by yourself what really is going to make you feel happy, comfortable, successful. So yes that’s my goal for 2020.

[00:32:00.670] – Minerva Vazquez

Wow. And I know that you travel a lot because every time that I wanted to connect with you were somewhere else.

[00:32:10.100] – Minerva Vazquez

And that is awesome I applaud you for that because I know that you have all this kind of energy and it’s amazing you stay active and you stay healthy and obviously your stay is very happy. So give us your secrets to stay happy to stay healthy and to stay active.

[00:32:28.570] – Minerva Vazquez

What do you do?

[00:32:30.440] – Magda Vargas

So before giving you my secrets. I wanted to acknowledge that one of the most amazing things that happen in many doors for me in terms of my professional life is that when I after those two years that I had AHA my moment and I decided that I wanted another Magda and to get rid off the mental blocks and the limitations. One of the things that I decided at that moment was that during the past those years before that specific AHA moment I was serving as a transactional HR expert and that really didn’t’ excite me anymore.

[00:33:27.860] – Magda Vargas

So part of my mind changed my openness to new experiences and a new journey in my career. It was less really to change what I wanted how I wanted to serve. So I decided I want to be a transformational leader. I don’t want to be focus on processes and transactional services. I want to offer transformation services, so I make that change immediately because connected with the identity that I decided to have open a lot of doors during that time of redesigning myself I created new habits. We need routines in order being healthy mentally, spiritual and emotional.

[00:34:23.720] – Magda Vargas

It’s a daily routine. It’s not about one day and then two weeks after forgetting about everything and start all over again.

[00:34:33.200] – Minerva Vazquez


[00:34:34.030] – Magda Vargas

Oh! Yes. So basically what I do for the last 2-3 years I’ve been very calm was spent with my morning routines my morning. It’s the most important time of my day of my, really connected with the intention, not for 2020 for today 

[00:34:55.240] – Minerva Vazquez

for today 

[00:34:56.350] – Magda Vargas

For today’s days so in terms of my health. I drink water. Water is the best thing that we can have to activate our mind our energy our stamina.

[00:35:13.000] – Magda Vargas

So I drink water first take in the morning and then I meditate. I love to have guided meditation and really gets me into that mindset of being joyful and being very grateful for the day and the opportunities of igniting, inspiring or impacting one person every day and then it’s my I do I work out if I can’t work out and I have a lot of work. Then I go to my computer but not before it may be patient and water at this moment. I haven’t touched my cell phone.

[00:36:02.790] – Magda Vargas

Well, I don’t know if I’m allowed but what I’m going to say it. Hey don’t do it. Don’t open your eyes. Well right. I’m your day and get you to know all these e-mails are noises are things that people expect from your heart that they want you to do 

[00:36:25.540] – Minerva Vazquez


[00:36:25.920] – Magda Vargas

When actually you’re starting your day and you’re in your power you need to decide. This is my time, so I decide when I’m going to be available for the world. So first love you know to take care of yourself. Well if your theory your emotion your mindset and then you open the door to other people.

[00:36:52.950] – Minerva Vazquez

Oh my gosh, that is so true and let me tell you sometimes the world routine.

[00:36:57.390] – Minerva Vazquez

I had the wrong mindset on that one because for me the word routine would mean boring to do something repetitive and I would get bored about it. But let me tell you ever since I started having a routine is when I feel in more control because now is not the emails that are controlling me is not whatever comment I have on Instagram or Facebook that has control over me.

[00:37:22.410] – Minerva Vazquez

Now I have total control of my mornings and the rest of the day because it’s in that very moment of the morning that I set the tone for the rest of the day by doing my meditation and doing a micro workout.

[00:37:35.820] – Minerva Vazquez

I do a micro workout in the morning thus I don’t do a full workout and it works for me. It is my routine and of course, you know my supplements and I don’t have breakfast before 10 a.m. in the morning I have breakfast after 10:00, so I don’t even eat I don’t even bother with that the food doesn’t have control over me anymore. Now I have set the tone for everything in my life things for that same strategy that you are sharing with us. Oh! My gosh man thank you so much.

[00:38:06.750] – Minerva Vazquez

These are great strategies I mean friends. I mean you, we have shared with you everything that you need at least to start to begin to have control of your life and you know to create that change and to embrace that change and to be courageous. Magda, thank you so much for your time and your wisdom and your knowledge and your tips. How can our audience contact you 

[00:38:38.850] – Magda Vargas

The best way to contact me.

[00:38:40.290] – Magda Vargas

It’s through my LinkedIn Magda Vargas Battle.

[00:38:47.240] – Magda Vargas

Also, I have an Instagram Magda Vargas Enterprises or you can call me or text me 7872234088.

[00:38:57.420] – Minerva Vazquez

That’s awesome and I’m gonna put all that description in the description box so it’s gonna be a lot easier for our audience 

[00:39:05.340] – Minerva Vazquez

Now friends.

[00:39:07.220] – Minerva Vazquez

I mean this is something that you know that I’m always working for getting exciting guests just like Magda with creative tools and the strategy so feel free to share this episode with your friends your family your contacts and while you’re there make sure that you like and subscribe and if you can take a minute of your time and write or review on iTunes. Oh! My gosh. I would highly, highly, highly appreciate that. So for now friends. Oh, my gosh. I love you so much I don’t know you but you know I’m sending all my love to you.

[00:39:44.840] – Minerva Vazquez

And remember life is an adventure. Explore it live it love it. This is your host chef Minerva until the next episode. God bless Chao.


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