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The sense of connection to others in the workspace is very related with engagement and attraction

When you feel Connection to others, you are less likely to leave a job, more likely to communicate freely and produce more.

When you feel connection to others, you are less likely to leave a job, more likely to communicate freely and produce more.

Connection to others is seen as the capacity to easily relate to other people, to be motivated by a feeling of belonging to a group and create, maintain and value interpersonal relationships.

How does connection to others in the workspace affect productivity?

When employees connect with their teammates, they are more likely to help each other, create together and find better solutions.

Connection to others improves communication.

Connection to others in the workplace improves employee morale.

Developing positive relationships has the capacity to improve the mood of employees.

Connection to others and happy employees produce more.

Also, when people know each other well and feel connected, they are more likely to work well as a team and support each other where needed. This helps not only with creative solutions but with pushing projects on a timely manner.

Happiness and engagement with others promote collaboration.

In a friendly work environment, there is a higher will to work together towards goals.

Connection to others, including management, can create a sense of “sharing the same vision”

How does connection to others and sense of belonging reduce attrition?

Employees tend to feel connected to a company when they develop and grow close relationships with their co-workers.

Happy and connected employees are less likely to leave a place of work.

Connection to others, including management, can create a sense of “sharing the same vision”.


Connection to others Help develop people skills

Also, it promotes a “family” feeling with the team.

People like feeling that they work with friends.

This is why they’re less likely to seek employment in another company and why connection generates higher employee retention rates.

The importance of culture-fit and a connection with the company’s value.

Culture fit is the most important aspect in employee retention. It’s a concept that tough to define. However, it seems that everyone knows what it is and when it is not there.

It basically means that the beliefs, attitude and behavior of the employees are aligned with the company culture and the values of the employer. It is key not only in retention but in the overall hiring process.

It leads to higher employee satisfaction.

It keeps everyone working together as a team in alliance with the company.

Employees grow better and achieve personal and professional goals within their career.

Did you know that how your employees connect affects their productivity?How to improve connection among employees?

There are many ways in which you can improve those relationships. Here are some of them:

However, we recommend and analysis prior to implementing them since the generations and feelings of your employees at the moment will influence into which activities and initiatives should be activated and how.

Common ways to build good working relationships among groups of work are:

  • Help develop people skills.
  • Group activities.
  • Identify relationship needs and create activities around them.
  • Create ways for employees to show appreciation to others (e-cards for good work, birthday cakes…).
  • Promote a positive and inclusive workspace where all backgrounds are embraced and celebrated (such as different religious beliefs).
  • Create open communication channels to avoid gossip.

Culture fit and Connection to others is the most important aspect in employee retention.How to measure connection between your employees and see if they are a culture-fit?

Great People Inside has over 129 dimensions that the organizations can use to create and customize different assessments with the objective to focus on measuring and predicting behavioral categories in the workplace.

Connection to others is one of 12 dimensions that were chosen as dimensions that closely matched Diversity and Inclusion culture by combating unconscious bias in the workplace and focusing on positive thinking to create a diverse and collaborative workforce.

Connection to others is one of 12 dimensionsOur assessments are a scientific way to understand the qualities of your workforce and give you the opportunity to easily and successfully identify the characteristics and values within those dimensions that affect your workforce.

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