Podcast “Overcoming The BS Project: Recipes For The Soul With Chef Minerva”

[00:00:10.970] – Minerva Vazquez Well hello, friends. This is your host chef. Minerva. [00:00:14.600] – Minerva Vazquez And welcome to another episode of overcoming the B.S. project recipes for the soul to help you turn that pain into purpose. And you know what I’m always looking for and searching for creative strategies and tools to […]

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the good side of things and plans towards positive results. When analyzing things, a positive mindset will consider the weaknesses and threats but only from a perspective that is looking for improvement and solutions. And will focus on strengths and opportunities as the key […]

Strategy Mindset

Strategy mindset correctly anticipates future consequences and tendencies; recognizes strategic opportunities for change and creates competitive and innovative strategies. A strategy mindset and approach to business is key to the well function of the different parts of a company. However, not all employees have a strategic mindset or understand strategy in the same way. Diversity affects […]

Connection to Others

The sense of connection to others in the workspace is very related with engagement and attraction When you feel connection to others, you are less likely to leave a job, more likely to communicate freely and produce more. Connection to others is seen as the capacity to easily relate to other people, to be motivated […]


Diversity & Inclusion in the Workforce – Leadership Technically, leadership directs and guides a group of employees or an organization. It establishes a clear vision and conveys it to others. It inspires employees to perform and have increasingly better results. The common mistake is to think that managers or those in managerial roles are leaders […]

Managing Generation

Diversity and Inclusion in the workforce for diversity and inclusion Managing generations for Diversity and Inclusion goals One of the toughest challenges in today’s workforce is the management of the different generations and how they communicate and view work, collaboration, and even benefits. A company should strive to adopt a flexible management style, adapted to each […]


Diversity & Inclusion in the Workforce - Flexibility Diversity, inclusion and flexibility in the workforce is a fundamental characteristic of nature, a natural condition in the world we live in where the workplace is constantly attempting to adapt and match to the increasingly diverse environment to thus thrive as a business. Mary Frances Winters defines diversity [...]

The Art of Matchmaking Blog Series: Step 1 – Attraction

The Step I of my signature program is attracting the future workers with “matchmaking-strategizing”; in other words, communicating the reasons why someone should want to work for you and matching the corporate culture, values & employer brand with the potential candidates. In addition to understand what means attraction in today’s talent war; also, I encourage […]

The Art of Matchmaking Blog Series: Step 4

Leadership Development In the last blog we onboard millennials with snackable training, fun and fast-paced activities. Now this employee had demonstrated leadership potential and it’s time to move to our fourth step; Leadership Development. There is a difference between a high-performance persona and a high potential leader. Let’s think about that hot-shot sales rep that […]

The Art of Matchmaking Blog Series: Step 2 – Measure & Selection

The Art of Matchmaking 7-steps signature program focus on the organizational and employee needs throughout the employee journey; also known as employee lifecycle so that the employee experience, engagement and retention could be impacted in every step. For the last 10 years we’ve been experiencing a global talent war that forced to make attraction and […]