Magda Vargas Battle

“The Corporate Culture Matchmaker”

Magda Vargas is the “Corporate Culture Matchmaker,” Founder of Itr3s Consulting, LLC, and Creator of The Perfect Fit Every Time, a 5-step employee-to-job “matchmaking” framework that helps employers attract, engage, retain, develop, and promote great talent, while elevating corporate culture.


Magda’s mission is to support purpose-driven leaders, employers and HR teams in igniting innovation and fostering joyful, collaborative workplaces.


Magda’s journey is one of passion and persistence. After 11 years in various HR Management and Executive Positions, including Executive Recruiter and Recruitment and Staffing Manager, Magda realized her unique gift was to design workplace-wide programs to help talent find fulfillment and joy in their jobs, while helping companies create positive workplace environments and attract more “perfect fit” hires.


The problem she saw was that cultural alignment was the most crucial element in having an engaged, productive workforce, and yet most employees — 87% according to Gallup — are disengaged.


The solution Magda created is a cultural alignment system that incorporates holistic hiring, development and retention practices to make the employee journey more fulfilling, while helping business leaders shift from transactional management to transformational leadership

MagdMagda's Mantra:

Live to inspire, ignite and impact one person every day!

The result: management that is in partnership with talent, and talent that truly enjoy investing their time, energy and ideas into their company.


The services that Magda and her firm provide include: keynote presentations, trainings, seminars, assessments, HR consulting and ongoing hiring and development programs.


Magda is a certified High-Performance Coach from Brendon Burchard High Performance Academy and holds the SHRM Certification as a Senior Certified Professional SCP-SHRM and SPHR Certification as Senior Professional Human Resources. She also holds a bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences from University of Puerto Rico. Today, Magda is a licensed multi-channel partner for Great People Inside in USA.


Magda lives in South Florida and loves to travel globally, both for speaking to spread her message, and also to experience other cultures. She is a devoted wife, and mother to 2 daughters.

Magda T. Vargas